Platoon Service Provider Platform

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What is Platooning?

Challenges of the carrier industry are traffic jams and blocked road infrastructure, pollution through high fuel consumption and accidents.

Platooning is a technology linking trucks with advanced driver assistant systems to a platoon driving in narrow distances one after another.

What is a Platoon Service Provider?

When using this technology on public roads, there will be a need for a Platoon Service Provider matching trucks to platoons. This Platoon Service Provider has to be independent from shipping companies and truck manufacturers.

Its task will be to match routes of trucks using platooning technology, settling payments between platoon participants and providing leasing, financing and insurance solutions for platoon trucks.

PlatoonConnect is the connective link between platoon technology and carriers. We enable trucks finding a matching platoon partner as well as organizing platoons in advance and realtime and allocating financial benefits among all participants.

We enable platooning
We organize platoons between different transport companies
We support platoons
We provide accounting solutions for platoons

PlatoonConnect at 1st BMVI Startup Pitch

Our Team

Tim Baumeister

Expert for business development and business models

Thomas Rudolf

Expert for logistics and IT innovation

Matthias Jung

Expert for telematics and car insurance

Yves Sorge

MSc in Computer Science. Expert for modern IT architectures and software design.